Meet your Photographers


Stephen Narens, photographic artist

People say we’re born into our future. I don’t disagree. I’ve been hooked on photography since I held my first Kodak Brownie camera at age 10, and years earlier watching my grandfather at his art of filming the family. My uncle and brother are also still photography enthusiasts.

My son Devitt now is following my footsteps. Meet him soon. Back to me.

I began working as a photographer at 14, shooting weddings & Mitzvahs, and my business has expanded over the last 38 years to a wide range of events, family portraits, Head shots, new born sessions, commercial assignments including architecture, scenery, food and other products.

From the beginning, photography as a business and an art drew out my personality and it continues to do so. I was very shy as a child, but with a camera in hand I was able to talk to anyone and as an expert, people came to me. Eventually, I didn’t need the camera anymore.

For years, I trained under some of Chicago’s premier photographers. From all of them I’ve developed my technique and learned the ins, outs, do’s and don’ts of photography and business. To this day, I educate myself on technique, style and technology through my colleagues, industry journals, workshops, and tradeshows.

On location or in the studio, focused on creating artistic images, I connect instantly with my clients. They feel the connection, too, and our images are, indeed, art. I am passionate about creating outstanding photos and love the relationships developed with people – the trust, instant feedback while shooting, and satisfaction of clients cherishing the experience together and the final product they hold in their hands. I’ve won many awards for the technical merits of my work, but the long-lasting client relationships last much longer than the medals.

My wife, children, family, and friends – these are what mean the most to me, and they make my career even more meaningful. I’ve always been passionate in life, about my art and business, but today these mean so much more because they represent the pride I take every day in making my family proud and setting an outstanding example for them. That pride drives me to find even better angles, see the perfect light, smile after the 11th hour, and please my clients.

I know your feelings, emotions and future memories, and the importance of your family and special moments, and your business, product and service. I now have been photographing for over 30 years.  I have the expertise and the intuitive ability to quickly develop relationships, engage my subjects, and capture emotion. It would be an honor to record your great moments and serve your family or business.


Devitt Narens Photographic Enthusiastic & Animal Lover

My story. I have been getting photographed since the day that I was born. By the time I left the hospital my Dad had a slideshow of my entrance into this beautiful world with over 1000 images. Every step of my life has been documented as well as my brothers. Growing up with a professional photographer as a Dad, it was only natural that my love of animals as well as nature and his passion would merge. I am only 14 but am driven with passion. I have loved and studied animals for as far back as I can remember. We loved watching the Wild Kratts when I younger as well as Steve Irwin. Both my Dad and I love to hunt, but our choice of weapon is not a gun but instead a camera. Fast forward to today. I have combined my love for the outdoors, with hiking and seeking out animals such as birds, coyotes, raccoons ... if its flies, crawls or swims, I want to photograph it. I hope that you enjoy my images.